Children's Trust Nepal

Building a better future for Nepal's children

Our history

The story began in 2003 when our founder, Alder Allen, went to teach English to college students in Kathmandu.

“The experience was amazing.  The Nepalese are a warm-hearted, hard-working and honourable people.  They accepted me immediately and made me feel part of their family.”

Whilst most people’s perception of the country will inevitably be based on the stories of cold Everest ascents in the Himalayas, the country actually has everything from the highest of mountains down to sub-tropical valleys.  The countryside is beautiful: magnificent peaks, boulder-strewn rivers, green hillsides.  However the reality of daily life unless you’re in one of the larger towns, is a lack of basic facilities – clean water has to be collected every day, any electricity supply is temperamental at best and most ‘roads’ are little more than rocky tracks.  Against this backdrop, many parents struggle to earn enough to be able to feed and educate their children in a country where there is no State support (see FAQs). It was a situation just crying out for action to be taken.

“When I met Babin ‘Bam’ Lama and his (future) wife Gita I was so impressed by their love of children and commitment to starting a children’s home.”

In July 2004 we rented a house in the small town of Dhading Besi,  36 miles/58 kilometres north-west of the capital Kathmandu.  We invited a total of ten children who were in great need, mostly orphans, to become the first members of our family at the Bethany Children’s Home.  It is part of a healthy, friendly community which has water, electricity and sanitation, unlike the surrounding villages.  Under the care of Babin and Gita, these children now had a loving, secure home and in January 2006 the family grew again with the birth of their son Joshua.

Since February 2010 we have been building our own Home on a hillside among fields of rice, but within a five minute walk of the main street and the children’s schools.  After many months of hard work the Home was completely finished in summer 2011 and, amid much excitement, the children were able to move into their new home. It is capable of accommodating up to 20 children when we have sufficient sponsors, so can you help us fill the remaining spaces?

Have a look at the Children’s Home page to see how it has, quite literally, grown out of the ground…

Still some work to do!

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