Children's Trust Nepal

Building a better future for Nepal's children

More about CTN

Whilst we have been a nationally registered charity with the Charities Commission here in the UK since 2011, we have been registered in Nepal as an NGO called Faith Foundation Nepal since 2004.

What is an NGO?

An NGO is a ‘non-government organisation’ in Nepal which must be officially registered. They are often associated with developmental or charitable purposes, or causes such as the protection of the environment.

Can we be sure donations are spent wisely?

Most certainly. The charity is run entirely by volunteers with costs being kept to the very mimimum, such as bank charges for money transfers and deposits for our fund-raising events.

Do the children maintain contact with family members?

Where possible our children return to their home villages at holiday times.  However some children come from very remote places, meaning the journey by foot can take several days and so it may be unsafe.

Do you really ‘make a difference’?

We are totally committed to this. As well as providing the security of a new family for the group of orphaned and very needy children who have been with us since 2004, grants to other poor parents have enabled their children to attend school and get an education. We have also given over 200 people clean water and set up classes so that 120 adults could learn to read and write their own language.

What does the future hold?

We have now completed the building of our Children’s Home, which can accommodate twice as many children so we are seeking sponsorship for a further eight children. Can you help?

In addition we are now able to look at continuing with some of the other community schemes. Have a look at our project to re-build the school in Chainpur to see what else we’ve been up to.

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