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Bethany Children’s Home

See how our Home was built!

The first Home was set up in a rented property in the small town of Dhading Besi, but this meant we were always having to spend money on rent.  Therefore it was always hoped we would, one day, be able to build our own Home.  In 2009, we were able to raise the funds to buy a piece of building land in the town, just a ten-minute walk from the main street and children’s schools.

Plans were drawn up for a Home large enough to accommodate up to 20 children.  It was important that the design blended in with the local architecture so it could become part of the community.  It also had to be built to a high standard to cope with the monsoon weather so that any future maintenance would be kept to a minimum.

Ground-breaking took place at the beginning of 2010 and by February an empty piece of rice field had suddenly begun to sprout concrete and metal foundations reaching for the sky – a truly momentous time!

Work moved on at quite a pace.  By July the building was beginning to take shape – the concrete structure was up for the ground and first floors, the staircase had been put in place and brick walls were rapidly filling in the gaps.

By September the shell of the building was more or less complete, including the decorative gables and balustrades so important for the building to fit in with the local style.  A perimeter wall was also added to separate the Home from the surrounding rice field and the road in front.

With all the walls finally up, as we moved into 2011 work could begin on the external rendering – you won’t see bamboo scaffolding like this in the UK! Once the windows were in to make the building watertight, attention could turn to all the work needed inside…


We’ve moved in!

In May 2011 the decision was made to move in, even though some of the internal work was still to be done.  The rooms may have been a bare four walls but the excitement of being in our own building helped, as did the savings in rent which would otherwise have had to be paid out.  And with the rainy season occurring between June and September, getting the windows in had been the big priority.  Now we were wateright, attention could finally turn to getting some decorating done.

KitchenOne of the boys' bedrooms

There were still some showers to be installed and further decorating to be completed, before we could look to add some extra furniture to make the most of the extra space. Through the generosity of our donors, we had been able to make good progress on building our Home and the end of all that hard work was now in sight.

However the new Home is purposely bigger to enable us to take in more children, so we will then be looking to add some new faces to our family.  That will require more funds and we will be working hard to make sure the good work can continue.

Finished at last!

After just over two years of hard work, our Children’s Home has finally been completed.  Big enough to house up to twenty children, it offers the opportunity to increase the numbers we can help so long as sufficient funds can be raised.

With the last remaining jobs done inside, attention turned to the final exterior finish.  For a building intended to provide inspiration and hope, it needed to be something uplifting – I’m sure you’ll agree it now offers our children a brighter future in more ways than one!

Gita feeding the hens


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