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Providing fresh water supplies

Water is one of the most basic elements of life, and here in the UK we take a regular, clean water supply for granted.  Whether it’s to drink, for washing or even out in the garden, we just turn the tap on.

But in so many of the villages in Nepal, there is often not even a community supply, let alone to individual homes.  Villagers therefore have to walk out to the nearest supply, often quite some distance, and then carry what they need back home. So whether it involves sinking a well or connecting a piped system, being able to provide a village with their own supply can make such a difference to everyday life.

A piped supply needs a large storage tank, and the tank needs an even larger hole!

Digging the hole for the tank...And deeper...

Finally the tank is in!

The pipework is then run down the hillside, making the best use of gravity to aid distribution.

All that is then needed is to build and connect a number of outlets in the village – and the benefits for the villagers of a regular supply of fresh, clean water are easy to imagine.

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