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Earthquake relief

On 25 April Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre was in Gorkha, about 50 miles (80km) northwest of Kathmandu and only 30 miles from our Children’s Home. As the tremor spread out in a series of waves, it caused the ground in Kathmandu to rise by up to a metre and a half, causing considerable destruction in the capital including to the UNESCO World Heritage sites (a very important aspect of the country’s tourism industry). Regular aftershocks brought only more fear and panic, with the risk of further buildings collapsing.

Collapsed buildings

Blocked street

However out in the countryside the devastation was even worse. Fortunately our Home survived unscathed, being a new building and having purposely ensured we used good quality materials. Sadly however, in the surrounding areas many villages were virtually wiped out as the traditional stone houses were simply reduced to rubble. Over 8000 people were killed, with many thousands more injured, homeless and struggling to find food and shelter. Relief began to flood in, but the mountainous nature of the country made it very difficult to begin distributing it to many areas.

Mountain village destroyed


Then three weeks later on 12 May another 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the country, this time around 50 miles east-northeast of Kathmandu and halfway towards Mount Everest. Fortunately the death toll was considerably lower, but the aftershocks continued to hit, with a 4.4-magnitude tremor registered in Kathmandu more than a month later on 17 June. The scope of the devastation has left an extremely poor country in even greater need of help from the rest of the world.

What we are doing to help

Additional efforts to raise funds have been met with great generosity from people here in the UK, and with our Home being based in the immediate area affected by the first big quake, we are well-placed to provide direct assistance where it is needed most in the local communities. We have been able to provide funds direct to our Housefather, enabling him to purchase food supplies and other materials to help those most in need. We have also rescued two new children into our Home – a boy of eight and a girl of ten, Suresh and Rasmi.

Supplies of rice

Distributing supplies to local villages

Handing out tarpaulinsProviding shelter

The people of Nepal will continue to need our help to rebuild their homes and their lives for some time to come. Although our Children’s Home was very fortunate to be less affected by the earthquakes, we are committed to also helping bring relief to the local communities near our Home so they too will benefit from our fund-raising efforts.


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