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Nepal still suffering aftershocks as the monsoon approaches

When the first big earthquake struck in Nepal on 25 April, it made headline news around the world. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale it caused tremendous damage, killing thousands and leaving many more homeless. Our children’s home was only 30 miles from the epicentre of this huge earthquake, but fortunately it was one of the few buildings to survive unscathed. However with regular aftershocks in the days following, our children were too afraid to stay inside and opted to live in the open air.

When the second big earthquake struck on the other side of Kathmandu on 12 May, there had been over 100 aftershocks across the region. As news began to filter in from the more remote villages, it was clear they had been particularly hard hit, with up to 95% of homes destroyed in some areas. The death toll eventually rose to over 8000, with many more injured and homeless.

Even now, some eight weeks later, the country continues to be shaken by aftershocks as it begins trying to rebuild. On 17 June, Kathmandu was hit by another 4.4 magnitude earthquake. And with many people now living in tents or makeshift shelters, the prospect of the impending three-month monsoon season means life is going to get harder still before they see any signs of improvement.


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