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Results of our Christmas Quiz

One of the regular Christmas pastimes is playing games and doing puzzles with the family, whether it’s Wii Sports, one of many board games or taking a table over with a jigsaw.  There are also the usual collection of bumper festive crosswords.

But we thought this year you might like a different challenge – and so our logo quiz was born.  With a range of logos and distinctive characters from a wide variety of areas, there was certainly a challenge to be had.

We didn’t necessarily expect anyone to get them all, giving everybody the chance to score as many as they could.  And just in case there was a draw, we included the obligatory tie-break, based on this weekend’s lottery numbers.


Judging by the sheets we had back, there was obviously a lot of time and effort put in by many people.  Hopefully it didn’t take up too much of your Christmas holiday!  And if there were some logos you recognised but just couldn’t think what they were, you weren’t the only one!  To put you out of your misery, the full list of answers is available below.

In the end we had a considerable number of entries returned and amazingly, not only did we get a full house – we had two!  So congratulations go to both Stephen Hayes and Ian Sneddon for their dedication.  However there could only be one winner – Stephen had guessed a 132 total for the six main lottery balls, Ian slightly higher with 150.  Although the two end numbers 1 and 49 came out there were no other small numbers, giving a final total of 173 and meaning Ian from Lower Broadheath, Worcester is the winner.

Many thanks to all those who contributed – it raised a fantastic total of £242!  We hope you all enjoyed it, whether you treated it as a bit of fun or a serious challenge.  And further thanks go to our winner Ian, as he has very generously asked for the prize to go back into funds.

And finally, the all-important answers…

1     Clarks                                              45   Beijing 2008 Olympics                         
2     National Lottery                                46   Hewlett Packard                                    
3     Purina                                             47   Body Shop                                                
4     Mars                                               48   BBC iPlayer                                              
5     BBC three                                        49   ESPN                                                          
6     Ramada Hotels                                 50   Turkish Airlines                                    
7     Rolls Royce                                      51   Victorinox Swiss army knives              
8     London 2012 Olympics                      52   Nike                                                           
9     HTC                                                53   Bosch                                                         
10   Innocent                                          54   Emirates                                                   
11   Financial Services Agency                   55   Met Office                                                 
12   Northern Ireland Assembly                 56   Sony                                                            
13   DreamWorks Animations                    57   Nivea                                                           
14   Yamaha                                           58   Chevrolet                                                    
15   Nando’s                                           59   Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics      
16   Cineworld                                        60   United Nations                                        
17   Accessorize                                      61   Drinkaware                                              
18   DFS                                                 62   Intel                                                            
19   TV Licensing                                     63   Fenchurch                                                 
20   UEFA Champions League                    64   Next                                                            
21   Mitsubishi                                         65   Sainsbury’s                                               
22   Forest Stewardship Council                 66   Rolex
23   Costa Coffee                                     67   Your Move
24   Smart Cars                                       68   Diabetes UK
25   Louis Vuitton                                    69   Burrda Sports
26   Nestle                                              70   Android
27   Petronas                                           71   BNP Paribas
28   RBS                                                  72   Masterchef
29   Wella                                               73   ITV
30   Pizza Express                                    74   Ford
31   Hillarys Blinds                                   75   Unilever
32   Hilton Hotels                                    76   Schuh
33   Disney                                             77   Daily Telegraph
34   Santander                                        78   British Airways
35   Advertising Standards Agency             79   National Trust
36   Harper Collins                                   80   Wallis
37   Tourism Ireland                                81   Canon
38   Ellesse                                             82   Elle Magazine
39   The North Face                                 83   Playstation
40   Harry Potter                                     84   Adidas
41   Ribena                                             85   Lexus
42   Napster                                            86   Tesco
43   Welsh Government                            87   City of Wolverhampton College
44   The Gadget Show                              88   Subway

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